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amount of time i can play: I play minecraft for 3-4 hours on a school day and maybe 6-10 on a weekends. If you would like me to be on longer I can try :)

Age: 15

Name: Darren

Location: Ireland

Experience: Im not the best builder maybe 5/10 but I am very good with redstone and will help with peoples problems

Willing to donate: I might donate if I can find some spare money

Server Rules:

1. Do not spam 2. No hacking 3. No griefing unless faction 4. Advertising other servers is not allowed 5. PVP and looting are allowed 6. Do not abuse the disguise plugin 7. Don't repetitively type in caps in chat

Thanks for having the time to read my app. I hope to see you all on. 

P.S I have been moderator on two other servers already like this one that has small communitys but sadly they both closed to money problems and lack of people on

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