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i used to play the server alot when there were more people but i came back there were like 2 people people on not including me... when the ip chaned i didnt know it and thought the server was dead, but now i see its still running... but sorta abandoned.. now i want to help the server to bring it back to life somehow... maybe give shoutouts on my youtube channel(not popular at all), tell some friends? idk.. but i want to help the server... which is why i'd like to be a mod.... minecraft username: skeletonguy6

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ive played minecraft for 6 years and have no reason to leave it.i like working with others and am very friendly but follow the rules. I can be on the server for 4-5 days of the week at LEAST. I will not ban unless given permishion

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I will try to gain others to joinm the server if i get Mod

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