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Alright, let's start off with getting some things straight.

-I'm 14 years old, I'm from lots of pixelmon communities, and my IGN is Robby942

-I apply on most servers so I can get to know the players, staff, and the whole community a little more.

Why I think I should be a moderator: Well, a moderator isn't always about hard working, to start off this question I'd like to say one of the most importants aspects of being a moderator is participating in a countless amount of events, and just being there for one an other and always keep a bright, but confident additude on the website, and ingame.

If we're talking skills wise, a few of my  good skills are - Being confident, always being the person to stand up, and just being active, kind, and somewhat strict if the problem progresses into something worse, and having fun with everyone. A few "minecraft" or "pixelmon" skills would be just me playing the pokemon games as a kid, knowing every aspect of it, and I believe that would give me an advantage here, especially knowing that the server has such a great community and so much to offer.

So I'm afraid to say, but that would my conclude my moderator/admin application and I'm perfectly fine with any answer regarding this application and if it's accepted or not, I'm still going to be online to have fun with everyone and I hope that I can make things so much better!

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